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February 2005   alan stang
Bush Shows True Colors, The Red And The Pink By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

How dumb is the Republicrud Party? We are about to find out. Long before the election of 2000, I warned that the only difference between Bush and Clinton was the latter’s propensity to drop his pants and ask for sex, which the media used to divert attention from his treason with Red China.

I was wrong. Except for China, you can make a strong case that President Smirk is a lot worse than President Scumbag, and typically the same Communist media that protected one is protecting the other, while zombie Republicruds mindlessly scramble to explain him. Let’s go down the list.

How does a homosexual prostitute pretending to be a reporter worm his way into the White House Press Corps using an alias and stay there, lobbing softball questions at the President, for two years? Needless to say, Republicrud zombies and their media front men (Limbaugh, Hannity, etc.) are mystified.

The chronology tells us that the buggeree got into the White House soon after Nine Eleven when the District of Criminals became a city under siege. Is it reasonable to speculate that, in such an atmosphere, access to the President could be so easy and his security could be so incompetent? Is it possible that nobody knew? Or is it more likely that President Smirk and his people knew and saw nothing wrong?

Remember that Smirk is a flaming homosexualist (someone who may be "normal" yet advances the perversion). We see that in the recently released conversation surreptitiously recorded by Smirk’s former friend. We saw it the day after the recent election, when the biologically female "husband" of Vice President Smirk’s dildo daughter appeared on stage as a member of the immediate family.

People who keep score tell us that when it comes to appointing sodomites to top jobs, Smirk makes even Scumbag look like a "gay basher," which gives a meaning we didn’t expect to "bring them on." The sodomite media now taste blood. They are looking for other closet sodomites to "out," a reminder of the reason security experts always consider the perversion a disqualifying risk.

Of course, something similar happened in St. Ronald’s Republicrud White House, including credit card charges for sodomy rendered, except that there was no sodomizer posing as a reporter. And remember that the Communists are using organized sodomy as a weapon to destroy the moral foundations of the nation.

Word now arrives that Smirk is negotiating with the monsters we are fighting in Iraq—the monsters who have killed 1,400 of our men. The theory is that the monsters are killing them because we have wrecked the economy, so terrorism is the only work they can find, financed with the billions left over by Saddam.

So, what’s to negotiate? If you haven’t heard this yet, you will think you are insane when you do, but Smirk is apparently proposing to pay the monsters to stop the killing, kidnapping and beheading. Everyone else is on the federal payroll. Why not the terrorists in Iraq? Would they also get government health care and No Child Left Unbrainwashed for their kids? If so, we would still save money on the war. This probably means that Himmler and Dr. Mengele were born too soon, but there is recent precedent for President Smirk’s revolutionary proposal. Remember that a couple of Soviet KGB generals have been working for Homeland Security and now they will be joined by Communist Marcus Wolfe, former head of the East German secret police, who no doubt will help perfect the new national identity card. Your papers please!

That identity card (a.k.a. driver license) will do nothing to fight terrorism – its alleged rationale. It continues the process of merging us with Canada and Mexico, on the way to world government, and certainly does nothing about Smirk’s pals in the Soviet Union and Red China, the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism.

When Smirk took office, he proclaimed in almost as many words that there would be no more semen or intern knee prints on the Oval Office carpet. But now the former President Bush has linked the family name to the man his son was elected to reject. George New Vorld Order Bush (41) and Bill On Your Knees and Inhale My Cigar Clinton are an item.

They travel together, looking for tsunami victims to restore. Bush (41) even says he and Clinton have been friends a long time. What is happening? Is the Conspiracy for World Government thereby signaling that it has chosen Senator Hillaroid, the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain, to be our next President?

Notice also that the Communist media, left and right, from Limbaugh to the Communist Broadcasting System, are presently talking about how bad the UN is. But they love the UN. It is as Communist as they are. Until now it could do no wrong. Yet, now they tell us every day about the oil for food scandal, about teenage girls used as UN sex slaves, about the maladministration of Kofi Annan, etc.

But isn’t former President Scumbag doing all kinds of humanitarian things under the imprimatur of the UN? Why not pay Kofi off and send Scumbag to the rescue? As President of the world, he could nail as many nubile exotic females as a man with a bypass can catch. And Hillaroid would be President of the former United States.

Is that the plan? As always, my answer will be brief, direct and completely comprehensible. I don’t know. But if it makes no sense at all, why is the hair on the back of your neck standing up? Put your hand back there ma’am, and you will see I am right. We do know that Bush (41) is going out of his way to underline the connection. Need I add that Republicrud zombies are mystified?

Speaking of Clinton and Iraq, remember that candidate Smirk expressed displeasure about his predecessor’s "nation building," and gave us to understand he would stop it. Many Americans were ecstatic, because the U.S. government should not build any nation, including our own. Now Smirk wants even more money to build Iraq.

In the "read my lips" department is President Smirk’s suggestion that the present $90,000 cap on Social Security taxes be raised. Wouldn’t this amount to the tax increase Smirk said he would reject? Remember that Smirk’s father lost reelection for raising taxes after telling us he would not. "Read my lips." But of course Smirk no longer needs to worry about being reelected.

Since mass murderer Franklin Roosevelt, the Democrud Party has more and more become the party of big government. Clinton certainly was an advocate of that. President Smirk continues to smirk about Free Enterprise, about the new "Ownership Society," but he makes all preceding Democrud Presidents, including Clinton and even Johnson, look like Ebenezer Scrooge.

I could insert a few yards of statistical compost here to prove the point, but that would be redundant. You already know the numbers as well as I do. Under Smirk the budget has lost all meaning and could serve a real purpose only when you run out of Charmin. The dollar is collapsing.

Indeed, financial analyst Jim Turk’s new book is entitled The Coming Collapse of the Dollar. To get it call the American Opinion Bookstore of North Hollywood, 1 (800) 470-8783. What happens when the nations that presently buy U.S. paper decide to get off? They are now using it to buy our country out from under us. Soon the "dollar" no longer will be the world’s reserve currency.

Please name for me some area of life where the federal government under President Smirk does not intrude, and ask yourself whether a Democrud could have arranged this. Could Clinton have gotten away with it? No. Smirk has because he is a Republicrud and routinely mouths his enthusiasm for so-called Republicrud ideas. You are seeing the classic implementation of Marxist dialectical materialism, in which we are being whipsawed between two legs on the same bug.

Question: If a President were trying to bring us to our knees, what would he do? Yes, I know such a thought is unthinkable, intolerable and impossible. Think it however, just for a moment. Remain impassive so no one present knows what you are doing. If a U.S. President’s real agenda were to destroy this country, what would he do?

Obviously, he would have to do so with subterfuge. He could not announce his purpose. He would need to talk about Free Enterprise, about the Bible, about morality, about patriotism, about extending freedom around the world. That’s what he would say. Wouldn’t he do exactly what President Smirk is doing now?

Is there some point at which zombie Republicruds will awaken, some intolerable imposition that finally will remove the scales from their eyes and prove that Emperor Smirk is wearing a red dress? I doubt it, because they have made Smirk worship a religion. St. Smirk soon will occupy a hallowed position beside St. Ronald in the Republicrud pantheon.

Isn’t it inspiring, Pilgrim? That means the fate of the nation is up to you.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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