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March 2005   johnston
America's Final Crises (a poem) By Patrick Johnston D.O.

America's Final Crisis (a poem)

America's Final Crisis by Patrick Johnston

Oh, America, America,

God shed His grace on thee.

But you have tread his grace underfoot

And abused your liberty.

Freedom to ease, to lust and lie,

This is the freedom you crave.

More, give me more! is your unfailing whine

From the cradle to the Medicare grave.

Oh, America, America,

'Twas home of the free and the brave.

The Federal breast has converted you -

Home of the bound, land of the slave.

Oh, America, America,

Many season premiers ago,

One good nation under God you were

Till sin you began to sow.

Adultery, pornography,

Homosexual abomination,

Divorce, abortion, drugs and witchcraft,

A curse on your backslidden nation.

Ungrateful for all that you have been given,

Full of pride in your victories.

Your pulpits justify your sinful living,

You boast in security.

Slaughtered without a trial,

The ashes of eighty-six,

And the dead covered up in Oklahoma City,

Alone cry out for justice.

Oh, America, America,

How long can your games go on?

Every nation that forgets the Lord

Will be sent to hell before long.

Your Christian heritage has been despised,

You’ve invented a new history.

Christianity’s truths are exchanged for lies,

Classroom prayer's now a felony.

Your last President was hell bent

On promoting sodomy.

He defended his lies and publicly denied

Tax-subsidized adultery.

But now we have a Christian king

From a Billy Graham crusade.

Yet more tax-subsidized abortion,

More gays in the government parade.

Oh, America, America,

The innocent blood can be heard!

The cries of forty-five million aborted

Causes God's wrath to stir!

Silent churches are packed, pew to pew,

With Bibles, hypocrites, and sin.

Remote-control pastors and ear-tickling teachers

Don't judge, they join in.

Judgment begins at the House of God,

The hypocrites get it the worst.

Purge out the leaven to bring down heaven,

Before the dam of wrath bursts.

Now we are in our greatest crisis,

The battle is set in array.

The anti-christ army and socialist liars

Are poised for the dawn of the day.

Satan schemes, the Goliaths cheer,

It seems this war they will win.

God's eyes roam to and fro through the tears

To find a prophet without sin.

The angels wonder, the saints above ponder,

Will America go down in flames?

Will justice fail? Will tyranny prevail?

Will God find an arrow he can aim?

Oh, America, America,

Unless truth reclaims your ways,

And you save your young, and murderers are hung,

Unless Gospel law is obeyed,

Longsuffering will end, God will then send

The judgment that you do not fear.

The gavel will fall, not withheld at all,

Then call, but God will not hear.

Your land will shake, your hearts will quake,

You'll be governed by queers and whores.

It's the mark of ease, or poverty, disease,

Cruel bullets will penetrate your doors.

Rioting masses, gun-wielding rapists,

Fiery streets, your just reward,

First anarchy, then tyranny,

With a U.N. branded sword.

Oh, America, America,

Here lies your greatest task,

Will your Elijahs arise to redeem

One nation under God's wrath?

The night is far spent, the day at hand,

Arise, oppose all delay,

Take sword and armor, all heaven will cheer,

Victory awaits in the fray!

Victory awaits in the fray!

Copyright, July 2004