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March 2005   
Judge Greer V. Judge Judy, So Many Men, So Little Sand By Barbara Stanley

Monday, March 28, 2005


By: Barbara Stanley

On the daytime small claims court program, Judge Judy refuses 'hearsay' evidence (what someone is supposed to have said). She demands witnesses and won't even accept notarized documents. She says she wants to examine the witness and "look into their eyes", inspect their demeanor to determine if they are credible.

Not so Judge Greer, former zoning lawyer, renowned for his terrible record but kept in office by his large war chest. A war chest, by the way, filled to the brim with donations from the good folks down at the hospice. Hmmm.

After seven years of litigation, Michael Schiavo won his big money (for the care of Terri for her expected decades of life) and then suddenly remembered Terri said she wouldn't want to be kept alive on machines. Of course, a feeding tube is not a machine, not a ventilator. If Terri received the care Michael got all the money for, she wouldn't need the feeding tube either. She still swallows her own salivation and if she doesn't drool, she can swallow food. But Michael wants the "bitch" to die, so he and Judge Greer make sure she has no fresh air, no outside in a wheelchair trips and no connection to the loving family as they slowly, horribly, carry out the murder started so many years ago.

Terri's girlfriend, also in a marriage that was ending, said that she and Terri had plans to get an apartment together and had even picked out furniture. She said Michael Schiavo was very controlling and abusive to Terri and Terri was ready to leave him. But we all know controlling abusers just can't tolerate a woman walking out on them. The jails are filled with men who beat or killed their women when the women tried to leave.

Putting all that aside; leave it for the moment, who said what and who made up words and look at the evidence. The fact remains: there is no evidence that Terri would never be on a feeding tube; there is evidence and sworn testimony to the contrary and the Judge is beholden to follow the law. He is a judge; he is not God, no matter what size his compensatory ego is.

If anyone is curious, I believe this kind of Hemlock society collusion between guardians and lawyers and judges and the disabled and the elderly is not limited to Terri Schindler-Schiavo and Florida. Of course, there is a large population of folks in Florida who, in the endings of their lives, have estates, property, medicare big bucks, houses, portfolios, etc up for grabs and I'd bet the vulture judges and lawyers are up to no good. What better time for them than when the families are in a state of grieving to steal from them all the while pretending to help. Perhaps that is just one thing to come out of this public horror, this so-called humane and euphoric way to die.

Somehow, though, I don't expect to see many of the bastards filling out their legal wills and DNRs with the instructions to refuse food and water in their final days. What a way to die. That which we wouldn't even do to a rabid dog, we sanction for an innocent woman.

In this battle of the quality of life v. the sanctity of life, looks like der Fuhrer's stirring in the evil minds and black hearts of those who would sanction the public execution of someone who has done no one any harm is as alive and well today as it was so many years ago in the death camps of Germany.

In the spotlight on this issue, the dems are exposing themselves as those who not only have no value for babies ready to be born, but the handicapped who need a little help with the daily ablutions and meals. They have said they care; for the children, for the disabled, for the elderly but their rants say otherwise. No wonder they lose elections. They are lost themselves.

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Published in the March 29, 2005 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright 1997 - 2005 Ether Zone.

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