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April 2005   LeBoutillier
The Bushes And The Clintons, Time For A Change By John LeBoutillier


By: John LeBoutillier

It is now clear: the George Bushes and Bill Clinton are genuine pals.

The former President George HW Bush has often said of Clinton, “I like the guy!”

Now it is clear that the current President George W. Bush also likes his predecessor so much that he now asks him for foreign policy advice and last week even praised Clinton’s own proposed Social Security reforms.

Last week in Rome for the Pope’s funeral, the President even invited Clinton to sit in on his morning CIA briefing and asked his advice.

What ever happened to W’s 2000 campaign mantra, “I am going to restore honesty and dignity to the White House”?

Here is what happened:

1) W - and his Dad - never had a problem with the Clintons; they just cynically played on the anti-Clinton- Monica-Impeachment Fever to win the 200 campaign. Proof? How the Bushes never pursued any investigations of the Clintons’ criminal behavior in selling pardons for cash for their Presidential Library and for stealing and/or destroying White House property when they left office.

2) American politics has devolved from a meritocracy into two simultaneous dynasties - the Bushes and the Clintons. The Bushes ‘own’ the GOP machinery; the Clintons ‘own’ the Democratic establishment and fund raising machine.

3) Just as the two major parties - with isolated examples of winning third party candidates - control who can win elections, these two family dynasties control who can be nominated inside their respected parties.

4) The Bushes and Clintons use each other - to each family’s benefit. Example: W’s Social Security campaign is floundering. Polls show that Republican voters are lukewarm supporters while Democrats totally oppose it. So what does President Bush do? He praises Clinton’s proposed reforms from a decade ago and strategically leaks this to the media. His hope is to broaden his plan’s appeal and to start to pick up Democratic support for his privatization plan. 5) Bill Clinton - never to be trusted for one nanosecod - should never be underestimated either. He is using the Bushes, too. By going with the former President Bush on the Asian Tsunami Relief effort, it keeps Clinton in the news and on the road. Thus his speaking invitation and fees are increased. Plus, by hanging out with the Bushes, he is helping Hillary seem more mainstream for her 2008 presidential campaign.

6) Hillary’s entire focus the last six months has been a cosmetic ‘move to the center.’ First she claims she wants to “find common ground with the Pro Life Movement.” This from the most ardent abortions rights advocate ever to run for public office.

Then she comes out against illegal immigration while the President offers quasi-amnesty to illegals already here.

Then she attacks the Hollywood entertainment community for pushing sex and violence in children’s entertainment - even though she and her husband annually raise tons of dough from these very same Hollywood lefty fat cats.

And then this weekend she goes to Minnesota and unloads on the “right-wing robots” who run Capitol Hill - but never -ever - mentions Bush by name.

She, too, is playing the two-dynasty game!

One family scratches the other’s back.

Conclusion: it just isn’t American to have only these two political families dominating American politics.

It isn’t good for the country - and it isn’t good for the two political parties, either.

The whole thing is so cynical and hypocritical.

Liberals supposedly love diversity - except when it comes to their party’s nomination.

And Republicans supposedly believe in merit - except when it comes to who runs every aspect of their party.

You know what?

It is time for a change.

John LeBoutillier is a former U.S. Congressman and a nationally recognized political commentator. He has been a frequent guest on many national talk show programs and is author of the book Harvard Hates America. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

John LeBoutillier can be reached at:

He keeps an archive of his articles at:

Published in the April 12, 2005 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2005 Ether Zone.