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April 2005   price
National ID Cards, Do We Need them? By Sandra Price


By: Sandra Price

Please go back in your memory to Clintonís last year in office. He wrote an Executive Order on the issuance of National I.D. cards that would carry all of our medical records, our employment charts, our banking records, our addresses back to a certain point in time, etc.

This is the kind of thing the Department of Defense requested in our Security information when we worked under DoD contracts during the Korean war. A group of Republicans along with several Republican sites decided to do something about it. We got a lot of letters off to our congressmen to not even consider this intrusive action by the White House. We did it and we won! The Executive Order was repealed!

The Republicans had major discussions on this as a Freedom and Liberty issue and that as Americans we did not need to be put into a central data base for anyone with the password to access.

Well the issue is back this time a part of the Patriotís Bill that is being discussed by the Attorney Generalís office. But the Bill HR 418 has already passed the 109th Congress and the National ID cards are simply waiting for the Senate to vote on it! The 109th congress is a majority of Republicans and I wonder if they had any memory of 1998-9 discussions? Were they simply working against Clinton during this issue but now that President Bush is pushing it, they have had a change of mind? What kind of House of Representatives do we have in 2005? Are we seeing a dangerous partisan attitude taking over issues of freedoms for all of us? It looks like it to me.

Letís look at the facts of this dangerous action. Only about 25% of the information gathered by the Federal Government is accurate to begin with. I have a neighbor in Arizona who is still trying to prove to the Social Security that she is still alive! Does it really take 2 years to make a correction of this nature? Efficiency in D.C. is dangerously low as we have seen in Iraq and our counting on our Intelligence people.

As a long time Republican (1954 Ė 1992) I resent this kind of police action in my government. It smacks of "Brave New World" and "The Time Machine" (classic books written as warnings, if anyone can remember reading them). Perhaps "1984" rings a bell? Itís all about a Police State!

This National I.D. Card situation will be coming up into the Senate in the near future and our only hope of knocking it down is to contact our Senators to vote NO, when the bill comes up on the docket. I have been unable to determine a Senate Bill number or date as this is being brought through under the Patriotís stuff.

We didnít need or want it in 1998, why do we feel we need it today? How easy it would be for a hacker to destroy any Americanís reputation by changing the data base and the way our government is acting at this time I wouldnít put it past anyone from doing it.

We do not have honorable men in control of our government and Iím not sure we have since Ronald Reagan sat in the White House. I ran from the party after one term of President Bush 41 with his One World Order vision. Not for me! His son has taken it even one step further with a One World Empire under Jesus Christ.

Please help this National I.D. card see a defeat in the Senate.

Sandra Price is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.