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April 2005   strotbeck
Why America Is Posed To Lose Its Current Struggle With Mexico By Bob Strotbeck


By: Bob Strodtbeck

During the 1820’s Stephen Austin was allowed to administer a settlement in Texas by the Mexican government, provided the immigrants to his settlement learned to speak Spanish and join the Catholic Church. The American settlers who were braving the dangers of the frontier to make claims on open land and make a life of their own rejected such demands and eventually fought for and won their independence from Mexico.

Today America has opened its borders to non-English speaking immigrants. Many of these come here illegally so they can make more than $20 per week and escape the despair of corrupt politicians and businesses in their homelands. The American government does not seem to expect these immigrants to learn our language, customs, or governing principles. Instead, they are working on plans to allow the free passage of immigrants across the border without setting legal requirements on establishing this country as their home.

Many Americans have greeted these immigrants with raging ambivalence. The conventional wisdom suggests that they are merely hardworking individuals looking to profit from their work ethic--and most of them certainly fall into this category. Many such immigrants establish their own communities, so they keep their language and customs within tight circles and rarely inconvenience lifelong citizens who speak English as their primary language. Open-borders immigration has its negative consequences, however. Most of those who hold onto their native language as they live in this country also hold onto their loyalty to their homelands. They do not desire to understand or, in many cases, pay respect to the institutions and traditions of this country. Often times they send the majority of their wages to family members in their homelands. This combination of foreign political allegiance, contempt for this nation, and financial drain from this country poses serious threats to the stability of this country.

Consider that immigrants are coming into this country are after the same thing that the average citizen desires--opportunities to make their lives better. Immigrants offer employers significant advantages on their balance sheets, however, by the fact that even minimum wage provides them with incomes greater than they can earn in their native countries. If they are in the country illegally, they provide additional cost-savings of being exempt from FICA taxes, employee benefits, or regulations on overtime pay.

American citizens, on the other hand, have expectations of being compensated for their labor sufficient to supporting lifestyles that they have practically been ordered to pursue as a patriotic duty. Does anyone remember President Bush admonishing Americans to spend money in spite of the fact that the nation has engaged in an endless war to democratize the world? The pursuit of the American lifestyle also comes attached with the price tag of all the employee benefits and taxes listed above. These benefits have been coerced upon employers by the government and are costs added to workplace and environmental regulations that do not apply to formerly American businesses that have moved their factories overseas.

Add to the financial benefit of using cheap immigrant labor to the diminishing interest Americans have in preserving their culture and institutions at every level. Members of government shows no interest in honoring state and federal constitutions they swear to uphold. Republicans and Democrats don’t even pretend to honor campaign promises. Do you remember when Republicans opposed federal intrusion into medical practice and education, or how they once supported balanced budgets and state sovereignty?

Perhaps the consequences of America’s political deceit are not of interest because Americans have rejected its moral traditions. Promiscuity, whether with the opposite sex or the same sex, is not only accepted, but it has become expected in many circles. The two career family is necessary to meet the economic demands of the American lifestyle, but it leaves children to be raised and nurtured by a merry-go-round of strangers from the daycare industry. Even though "Thou shalt not covet," is the last of the 10 Commandments, nearly every aspect of the American economy and modern culture thrives on covetousness.

Certainly America’s future is threatened by the direction of its economy, culture, and politics. If the neglect of its citizens is not enough to throw the country over a cliff, an immigrant population with a common language, common allegiance to homelands and common disdain for American arrogance might, at some point, have the status and power to give the nation a nudge in that direction.