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May 2005   
Pornographers Bring Funds To Republicans By Judith Reisman

Pornographers bring funds to Republicans

Posted: May 27, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Judith Reisman


Last Friday, I read in, "Porn star to dine with Bush, ex-candidate for governor sees it as 'great networking opportunity.'" Sex performer Mary Carey, and her boss, Mark Kulkis, who heads Kick A-- Pictures are invited to a White House "fund-raiser."

Um, and sex offenders get Viagra (Medicare cares) while the administration would screen us for mental illness.

I stepped aside, awaiting the poised pens of dozens of pro-family writers to address the latest player on the Republican scene.

I awaited the immediate retraction by Joseph Farah for this WND article. After all, Bush proclaimed "Pornography Protection Week" for the nation.

With no retraction evident, I anticipated a titanic apology from the House of Bush. "The June 14 invitation list was not cleared," they would say. "What! Pornographers! Would we invite a Mafia Don and a stripper to a Republican fund-raiser?"

The public might conclude we are compromised, financially and legislatively. The public might think someone gets paid off to keep the Erototoxin flood flowing. The public might conclude we talk tough, but are soft on sexual crime, exposing ever more millions of women and children to sexual violence, disease, despair and death.

"We will get to the bottom of this immediately." "Whoever is responsible, heads will roll," they would say.

Silence so far.

Oh, some chat-room mavens have grumbled that since at least one alleged high-priced homosexual escort (Gannon-Guckert) was a privileged White House press fellow, it is unfair to discriminate against heterosexuals in the same business.

There is some truth to that observation.

Maybe Laura Bush' speech writers can use some Mary Carey jokes. Like the one where Carey says "a little girl-on-girl action" might appeal to "sexy" Karl Rove.

However, pornography is no joke. Thousands of children are kidnapped each year and forced into sex slavery commonly preserved as pornography. In 1999, the U.S. Department of Justice recorded 58,200 children kidnapped by non-family members!

Most return home within 24 hours, sexually abused. Roughly another 200 are commonly raped and murdered each year. Note this typical news item just off the wire. On Tuesday, WTOL News in Toledo, Ohio, reported the way pornographers commonly secure "girl-on-girl action."

Two teenage girls were abducted in East Toledo. The kidnappers took "the girls to several truck stops and forced them into prostitution." When the men were located by police, one of the girl's fathers bust into the address where his daughter was being kept.

"Tire iron, piece of asphalt, piece of brick, they bashed into my head," said the victim's father. "I want to see them locked up forever. People like that need to be locked up forever. Everybody doesn't need to worry about their children," said the victim's mother.

This is the "big business," the "growth industry" the Republican Party now embraces. Carey and some friends were recently arrested for "touching themselves in a sexual manner," says the Associated Press, "at a new strip club in a suburb of Tacoma, Wash."

But not to worry. She and her friends will make the fund-raiser. No press release lists Carey as a luncheon performer ... yet.

Her boss, Mark Kulkis, honorary chairman on the NRCC's Business Advisery Council, a roundtable of millionaire business entrepreneurs, says pornographers "contributed" over "$10 billion to the national economy last year."

Well, not quite. Despite the efforts of pornography promoters in the press to inflate the pornography "contribution," Forbes Magazine's Dan Ackman calculates that "the adult [sic] video business grosses at best $520 million" annually."

Despite present denials, pornographers would like to see us legalize prostitution and child pornography, as well as all mind-altering drugs like marijuana, LSD, cocaine. These "businesses" will really "contribute" billions to the national economy.

The pornography business lobbies for its interests and against the public interest. These callous racketeers appear to spend their money on Republicans they support, and against those they want to remove. Don't look for a crackdown on pornography very soon. It has been my experience that the Sex Industrial Complex has friends in high places.