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June 2005   sartre
Treason Is Not Patriotic, Repeal The Patriot Act By Sartre



The Patriot Act is pure treason. What don’t you understand about the meaning of treason? The entire purpose for the creation of America is based upon defeating despotism, limiting government on all levels and advancing liberty for individuals.

The State is an unfortunate reality, it needs to be feared and controlled. Patriotic protection of oppressive government is a sickness. Love of country means that citizens must oppose tyrannical government. What is so difficult in understanding the difference between jingoism and traditional civil liberties? There is nothing conservative about waving the bloody flag for a political structure bent upon destroying individual rights.

A mêlée of deceit is called a War on Terror, but actually is a War Of Terror. It is waged upon our own citizens, neighbors and families. The fraud called the Patriot Act is an immeasurable disgrace and a lethal betrayal.

The Stamp Act was mild in comparison, but in our era of “girlie men” serfs paying homage to the federal tyrant is good citizenship. Most Americans are fools and deserve contempt for their fervor in obeying an illegitimate regime. Make no mistake, partisan politics is a scam, the entire ruling class are co-conspirators in treason.

Sedition against this band of anti-Americans is the test of true Patriotism. The Patriot Act is designed to intimidate, suppress and punish citizens who threaten this organized criminal cabal, called elected representatives. The multicultural approach towards purifying civic submission under the pain of criminality deserves a concerted effort of national civil disobedience.

The real enemy lives among us, makes destructive government policy and enforces malevolent laws. Government is accountable to the people. Citizens must never endure self-induced slavery as the price of supporting political leaders. The risk of indictment is preferable to an existence of delusion. It is better to understand the real enemy and be marked as a rebel than suspend all rational awareness and buy into the big lie.

You need not look any further than to Michael Savage (real name is Michael Alan Weiner), for a classic example of fraudulent conservatism. Anyone who has endured the pain of listening to this psychopath knows all too well that the sum total of his politics is embodied in what can be termed “USrael”. Savage sees the world through an Israel-First prism. For him being an American is defined as blind support of Zionism.

Anyone who rejects such psychosis is automatically an anti-Semitic. Don’t be hoodwinked by his warped rhetoric, he is a classic manic totalitarian. For him the Patriotic Act is mana from heaven. This propagandist sees the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) as a comrade and Larry Franklin's espionage as required information sharing. In his Savage Nation, only friends of Israel deserve to be to be immune from the reach of the Patriot Act.

One needs not embrace Rep. John Conyers as a nationalist to value the testimony at the congressional hearing on the Downing Street memos. The assessment of former intelligence analyst Ray McGovern is directly to the point. He declared:

“The United States went to war in Iraq for oil, Israel and military bases craved by administration “neocons” so “the United States and Israel could dominate that part of the world.” He said that Israel should not be considered an ally and that Bush was doing the bidding of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. “Israel is not allowed to be brought up in polite conversation,” McGovern said. “The last time I did this, the previous director of Central Intelligence called me anti-Semitic.” Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), who prompted the question by wondering whether the true war motive was Iraq’s threat to Israel, thanked McGovern for his “candid answer.”

The euphemism OIL – oil, Israel, logistics = resource imperialism, the reason for perpetual war, for control of the region. Ergo, the need to create a fake terrorism for an excuse to sell the traitorous Patriot Act as necessary surrender of domestic civil liberties in order to advance a treasonous foreign policy.

Next you don’t need to be a card carrying ACLU atheist to be a proponent of individual Bill of Right protections. The essence of our heritage rests upon a healthy and natural distrust of governmental authoritarianism. The soundest way to restrain repression is to limit the size, range and scope of State intervention.

The function for legitimate government is to protect our own citizens. When federal policy is bent upon destroying our way of life, what exactly does another foreign war accomplish? Certainly it doesn’t protect our own nation nor does it defend individuals. The phony terrorism is a creation of domestic policy making terrorists. Fighting abroad to prevent hostility on our shores is absurd, since the true war is internal. If you can’t grasp the nature of the real enemy, you are doomed and duped into supporting infiltrators, who stole the process of designing and implementing national policy.

If you want to take solace that the House of Representatives has finally curtailed the assault against time-honored liberties under the Patriot Act, don’t celebrate just yet. Even the collaborators at the New York Times call for concern:

“Thirty-eight Republicans joined with the Democratic minority in denying the FBI blanket power to seize library and bookstore records in terrorism investigations. The action was needed to stop federal agents from conducting secret fishing expeditions . . . Parts of the Patriot Act are reasonable and necessary, but too much of it provides license for federal agents to spy on innocent people and suppress dissent.

Bush threatens to veto any change in the act, and Republican leaders would accommodate him by deleting the House's revision in negotiations with the Senate on a final bill. Protecting civil liberties is never a one-shot exercise. It is crucial that the surprise House coalition defend its vote and the public's interest.”

However, the liberal establishment socialists care little for authentic American First interests, any more than the criminal neocon agents bent upon an USrael empire. The total repeal of this tainted Patriot Act is essential in order for restoration of our birthright. But don’t hold your breath! In order to achieve lasting internal security, domestic peace with Israel-First sociopaths must end.

Illustrating the lunacy within supposed minor victories, just examine the House vote withholding dues to spur U.N. changes. "It is not for the State Department or even the secretary of state to say when and how the resources of the American people will be spent," said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.). Rep. Eric I. Cantor (R-Va.) said "bloated bureaucracy" and "anti-Israel bias" at the United Nations "goes against the grain of common sense in America."

Such ‘common sense’ that refuses to admit valid criticism of Zionism is the root cause for the War of Terror.

The Washington Times reports:

“Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, principled libertarian and chronic skunk at congressional garden parties, offered an "American sovereignty restoration" amendment calling for the United States to pull out of the United Nations altogether. Mr. Paul noted, correctly, that the case for his amendment had just been made by all the negative comments his colleagues had been airing for the previous two hours.

Democrats, sensing the politically embarrassing nature of the amendment, immediately demanded a roll-call vote, requiring their Republican colleagues to go on record in support of U.S. membership in the blue helmet/black helicopter society.”

If treason isn’t the historic motivation for supporting the U.N. what other impetus can be verified? Only when the preponderance of nations team up to challenge USrael does the wrath of the imperial empire come to bear upon the world body. Ron Paul is correct as usual. There is nothing patriotic about being a member in the U.N. any more than renewing the tyrannical provisions in the Patriotic Act. The linkage between the two may not seem obvious for the Realpolitik novice. However, they share the same source of the oppression.

With so little domestic dissent and effectual opposition against a bankrupt U.S. foreign policy, only those aware of the consequences of a Savage Nation based upon USrael primacy, comes out of the huddled masses of subjugated countries. Americans better learn well and fast. They are systematically being reduced to the ranks of the third world for the benefit of elite privilege.

The Patriot Act is a primary stick ready to be used whenever the organized syndicate is threatened. Do you really believe that being patriotic to USrael is true American loyalty? Our Bill of Rights would never be honored by the U.N. or under a kosher regime. The standard needed to judge genuine patriotism requires the repeal of the Patriot Act, the reputation of the NWO stooge world debating body and renouncing the con that the state of Israel is an ally.

The war of terror is real and their command and control center lies within domestic policy traitors. The fight for our way of life needs to be fought on our own soil, for our own people and because of our own interests.

"Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact."

SARTRE is the pen name of a reformed, former political operative. This pundit's formal instruction in History, Philosophy and Political Science served as training for activism, on the staff of several politicians and in many campaigns. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.