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July 2005   Alan stang
Towards Soviet America, Communist Extreme Court By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

A couple of days after the recent Communist ruling by five injudicious scumbags on the U.S. Extreme Court, I interviewed Michael Cristofaro on my national talk show, the Sting of Stang. Mike is one of their victims in New London, Connecticut, which the court has now allowed the local government to despoil in collusion with developers who have more money and clout than he does.

Mike told my listeners that the confiscators have been perpetrating a literal reign of terror, including telephone calls at all hours, invasion of his property, threats and intimidations, including a warning that if the Cristofaros didn’t yield they would get little or no money, bull dozers revving up so early in the morning that the families couldn’t sleep, with the result that his mother suffered a heart attack.

The Cristofaros came to this country from Italy the old fashioned way, legally, in 1962, thanking God for bringing them to a place where they could own property. In 1971, the city of New London stole their first home. The unindicted perjurers who ran the city told them their property was needed to build a sea wall. The city stole the property, via eminent domain, but never did build the wall.

This time, of course, the claim jumpers didn’t even bother to lie. I asked Mike Cristofaro where we go from here. He said that despite the Extreme Court he and other families are not going anywhere. "This property is ours." Suppose the land grabbers send men in black, labeled S.W.A.T., I asked. "Then we’ll rely on the Second Amendment," said Mike. He didn’t amplify, but I got his drift.

When the mercenary thugs do show up to show off, will they find the Cristofaros and others sitting on the porch with ye old twelve gauge widow maker across their knees? Will the shot heard ‘round the world be fired again, this time not in Lexington, but in New London? I pray not, but the hair on the back of my neck is standing up.

One of the victims is 93. Another couple has lived in their home for fifty years. Why did the soviet of New London do it? To improve the city? Remember the sea wall fiasco of 1971. Or did somebody in Pfizer pharmaceuticals or one of the other invading envelopers make a sizeable contribution to the soviet’s "favorite charity?" If the laser like investigation this grand theft deserves does not uncover something of considerable value changing hands beneath the conference table, I shall be astounded.

What happens now? Now, the slime oozes out of the woodwork and from under the flat rocks. As city council members from everywhere roll craps on vacation in Vegas, they will tell themselves this is the best job they ever had. Confrontations like the one coming in New London will erupt across the country. The next phase of the revolution is already much bigger than a man’s hand.

A word should be said about the Extreme Court. This is the body that says we must rely on foreign law, which amounts to saying that people in other countries who do not share our system or beliefs—people who have no stake in the United States—should have more say about what happens in our country than the people who live here. But the Extreme Court members who say we must do as other nations do, ignore the fact that no other nation gives foreign law more clout than its own.

Prevaricator-in-chief Smirk’s factotums in the conspiracy for world government say we must keep electing Republicruds like him, however dissatisfied we are, because of judicial appointments. Republicrud Presidents, we are told, appoint "conservatives" like themselves. Really? Who appointed the majority that ruled New London could kick the Cristofaros out?

Republicrud President Ford appointed Stevens. Maybe Gerry wasn’t wearing his football helmet at the time. Republicrud President Reagan appointed Anthony Kennedy, who loves foreign law. Republicrud President Bush I appointed Souter, a bachelor who has never had a hankering for girls. Disbarred Democrud liar Clinton, an unindicted perjurer, appointed Breyer and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, one of the ugliest feminoids on the planet.

I mention that fact only because ugliness of such magnitude does not occur in nature. Ruthie isn’t a victim. That is how she wants to look. It probably takes considerable effort to look so frightful. Ruthie comes to her job from the anti-American Communist Liars Union, where she was chief counsel, and which was founded by Communists to impose Communism on the United States.

So, three of the five votes to confiscate your property were cast by judicial commissars appointed by Republicrud Presidents. What was that you said about the need to elect Republicruds? Remember that in the appellate vote to kill Terri Schindler, the only judge who voted for her was appointed by a Democrud. All the Republicrud judges voted to kill the blameless lady.

Now remember Plank One of the Communist Manifesto: government control of all property in land. According to Marx, that is the very first requirement of Communism. What does the Extreme Court’s New London ruling arrange? Government control of all property in land.

It started with zoning, which the Court approved in 1921. Zoning is another name for Communism. It continued with environmentalism. It ends with outright government ownership of the land. Communism of course is a variety of socialism. So is Fascism. In Fascism, whoever has the most money and influence has the rights and makes the rules. That is the system the Extreme Court is installing now.

Consider that government—federal, state and local—owns almost half the territory of the United States outright and is grabbing more daily. Government owns the rest of the land area indirectly. How? What is the name of a fee you must pay for the use of a property? Let’s call it "rent." Rent is a fee you pay to the property’s owner for the right to use it. .

So, what is your property tax? It’s a fee you must pay the government which in return allows you to use the property. You may even profit from that use, by selling the right to use it, but if you fail to pay the fee, large unsmiling men, maybe wearing black suits, will show up and kick you out.

The scumbags on the court say they are using foreign law. Here is something foreigners do. In the Dominican Republic, at least when I lived there, if you did not pay your property tax, the government did nothing. Why? Because it would have been barbaric and unthinkable—uncivilized—to kick someone out of his house. When you sold your house, the government would require you to pay the tax from the proceeds.

But we are more Communist than the Dominican Republic, so our Extreme Court does not apply that principle of foreign law here. In other words, the court applies the foreign law it likes. Generally, it likes foreign law that promotes totalitarianism here and world government abroad. What they do is utterly arbitrary, with the result that people around the country are puzzled by their recent ruling that an expression of Christianity is okay outside the Texas State Capitol but not inside Kentucky courthouses.

In the days of my long disappeared youth, Americans boasted that ours was the "freest country on earth." That is no longer true. Sadly, there are many countries that are freer than ours. In Costa Rica, when I lived there, you could buy a hand gun in a store, no questions asked. Try that here.

So, where are we going? If you let it happen, the government eventually will tell you where to live. Aren’t the Communist government schools now training your kiddos for careers the government will choose? You will live where the government sends you to work. Remember that the people the government kicks out of their homes will probably be unable to buy in the same neighborhoods with the pittances they are paid. They will have to move on.

Population will be concentrated in urban areas connected by corridors. The rest of the land will be the property of the emperor and the nobles, and you will be forbidden to poach. Your papers please! How do we know this? We know it because that is what the conspirators say they will do. Look at the recommendations that flow from the Communist UN and Council on Foreign Relations.

The country is unraveling. Soon even the blind will see. The key to survival is the recognition that we do face a conspiracy, conducted by men with names, numbers, addresses and faces, whose goal is a totalitarian socialist world dictatorship in which the United States would be dissolved.

If enough people realize that in time, they will do what is necessary to restore our republic. That is why the conspirators do everything they can to avoid exposure, unleashing the fires of hell, which they command, on anyone who dares lift the flat rock. Meanwhile, Mike Cristofaro and the other holdouts in New London, are waiting to apply the Second Amendment. My prayer is that they won’t have to. My fear is that they will.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

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