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August 2005   
When Men Are Like Gods, Fear Factor By Novakeo


By: Novakeo

Conquer they must conquer they will. Men of diabolical vision throughout history often fed their respective nations a two-course meal in the myths of war and fear, the myth of the glory of war, and the myth of the dangers to a civilized society from an manufactured enemy that posed a serious and immediate threat. Fear has always been a motivating factor used by the ruling elite to manipulate the citizenry to the 'noble cause' in warfare against some artificial monster. We are manipulated into believing that 'glory' would be the beneficial reward in fighting the modern day crusade, a grotesque manufacturing of a delusional form of 'honor,' a fallacy in true virtue.

The megalomaniacs that rule the United States believe that they are ordained by providence, that their ideological fervor is the righteous manifestation of their godliness, that they are the true bearers of freedom and sacrifice. The illusion that they create with their unbridled mendacity has the society in a state of virtual hypnosis, the masses are accustomed to unconditionally believe the State in the matters of freedom and security; the State knows best, and any form of questioning towards the policies of the ruling elite is to be considered a danger to the State, and certainly to be regarded as unpatriotic behavior. They rule by fear and lies, they manipulate and contrive enemies from abroad and from within so they can put their ideological formulations into play, the result is unnecessary war.

The motivating factor for the War Party within the political establishment goes far beyond ideological fervor, what drives the "gods of war" is fear itself. They fear losing their grip on power; the fear in losing their financial and political powerbase is what makes them most arrogant, conniving, and dangerous. The neocons in the Republican Party are self-hating leftists, who need to manipulate the masses for their own security because their greatest fear is an awakened citizenry. The masses are what they fear most, and they use their own fears, and play on the fears of the ordinary citizen to establish a highly monitored society, they need to control and monitor the movement of the simpletons so they can feel secure. In the guise of establishing security for all, they will establish a police state in its place, and this will be done with great applause from the sheeple. Republics and democracies usually die a slow suicidal death, where the rights of individuals are freely given up for a false sense of security; totalitarians in most cases come to power from within the decayed nation, not from a band of foreign terrorists.

The neoconservatives are Napoleon wanna-bes, they want to be like the wine drunk Caesars. Without risking their own lives they want to exercise their philosophies in creative destruction, and in doing so, they consistently reveal themselves as the unequivocal bully full of cowardice and fear. It is easy to stay the course in violence and intrigue when it is someone else's son or daughter doing the dieing. There is no true remorse for the senseless destruction that the Iraq quagmire has produced, a contrived meaningless war based on fabrications and deception by a government that has completely relegated the "rule of law" as ineffectual and anachronistic. The creators of this worthless war have better things to do than contemplate on all those flag draped coffins that fly in by the stealth of the night.

The constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper for the War Party and its minions. They talk about democracy and freedom when it is the least important motivating factor for their unruly behavior. They do not really care about freedom and democracy because real freedom for the masses means that their powerbase would be diluted significantly, they cannot prosper the way they expect too when the masses have political and financial clout, that is why the middle class in America was always considered by them as the real threat to their power.

Thanks to NAFTA, CAFTA, and Globalism in particular, the middle class in America is just about finished, all the good manufacturing jobs are now in China and Mexico, that "great sucking sound" of manufacturing jobs leaving the country that H. Ross Perot predicted is now no more than a small hissing sound, the jobs are mostly gone, and the Bush, Clinton treachery is simple to see for anyone that wants to take an honest look.

The "gods of war" enjoy demonizing their opponents, no matter who they are, be it a grieving mother or a returned soldier, they will stop at nothing for the continuation of their policies, in fact, the War Party specifically use the "big lie" as a qualified technique in establishing their policies, it is how they operate, it is who they are. Take a look at some leading neocons like the loud-mouth leprechaun Bill O'Reilly who described Cindy Sheehan, the mother of an American soldier killed in Iraq camped out near Bush's Crawford, Texas, ranch, as: "in bed with the radical left," and her: "behavior borders on treasonous." Then there are neoconservative whack-jobs like David Horowitz and his sidekick Christopher Hitchens who try to portray Sheehan as an unpatriotic extremist that is inadvertently in bed with the dark forces of terror. The neocons fear an ordinary American mother that is making a stand against the real "terror masters," she has both honor and an authentic sense of patriotism, and the neocons despise that which they fear the most: a sincere mother of a dead soldier questioning the neocons' public mendacity.

Without "monsters to slay" the War Party ceases to be a viable political entity, they can only function in the condition of war. Peace is their enemy, they cannot prosper and initiate their policies in times of peace, so they must create foreign enemies to fight against, to destroy and rebuild what they just finished destroying. It is no accident that the War Party has strong connections to the Military Industrial Complex and to conglomerates that build the societal infrastructure of nations. War is their benefactor; violence is their reason for being. They bankrupt nations while they prosper financially, they do not put on the uniform, they deem themselves too valuable to risk their own lives, others do the killing and dieing for them, and they privately disdain those that actually believe that the war they are fighting is for a 'noble cause' and for their own freedom. The oligarchy cynically knows very well that the simpletons are really sacrificing their lives for their own enslavement.

Who knows war other than the vanquished, certainly not the modern day armchair warrior, who can kill from a great distance. The holy warrior behind the desk does not know war, only the dead and the dying know of the cauldron that is war. The ones that suffer for the righteous cause know of war, its utter futility, in the end of any contrived conflagration there are no winners, only losers on both sides. Victory for the invader is always temporary, the false glory only honored on a specific day of remembrance; we are told that they gave their lives for "freedom and security," for our way of life, in reality they died for stale clichés and for the jostling of power by the ruling plutocracy. International war is a fraud; it has always been a fraud, all the noble causes, all the patriotic enthusiasm, is the devil's brew in deception and fear, for which millions of sheep in the past have given their lives.

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Novakeo is editor and writer for He is a freelance columnist residing in Oklahoma. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

Novakeo can be reached at

Published in the August 19, 2005 issue of Ether Zone. Copyright © 1997 - 2005 Ether Zone.