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September 2005   novakeo
Disaster Plan, More Centralized Government By Novakeo


By: Novakeo

The history of human government is a history of dominant political factions jostling for power by means that often are erroneous and in some cases illegal and violent. The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is glaring examples of how two dominant political parties continues to destroy the American heritage in limited government and States rights.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties, in an atmosphere in chaotic confusion, consistently demand that the answer to the problems of society – especially in times of national emergency - is the augmentation of a domestic federal government that is increasingly centralized that continues unabatedly to break down the remaining legal powers of separation between governments at the State and local levels.

The federal government is a corrupt and pernicious institution; under the cover of lawlessness in New Orleans, the federal government has violated the Posse Comitatus Act and has sent the regular military to police the remaining civilian population in New Orleans.

It is the responsibility of the State and its National Guard to augment the local police in times of crisis. The National Guard - in this case, both the Louisiana and Mississippi Guards - is not to be used for illegal foreign wars that Washington DC creates in some far of place for purposes that happen to be both deceptive and criminal.

The Department of Homeland Security has deployed Blackwater mercenaries that have murdered, tortured, and raped Iraqis and created gulags throughout Iraq and the Middle East; and now the Bush administration has seen fit to deploy these hired killers to roam the streets of New Orleans. What is good for the Iraqis is certainly good for the remaining citizens in New Orleans.

American citizens in Louisiana that legally own firearms for their protection are having their Second Amendment rights infringed upon by the federal and local governments with the forced confiscation of their firearms. The federal government has technically instituted “martial law” in New Orleans, which of course suspends constitutional rights for Americans in the affected area.

Here we see the true nature of the authoritarians within the federal institution, for the “noble cause,” for increased security, the constitution of the United States is relegated too nugatory status. Unfortunately, in most cases, the general public under distress demands the usurpation of their own constitutional rights.

It seems that catastrophes, whether it be man-made or an act of God, is the federal governments opportunity to create a more centralized and intrusive government. In the Liberal case, they want more government to help people in America and the world. They argue for domestic and foreign welfare, a Liberal policy in “humanitarianism,” in those contexts foreign wars are ok with the Progressive Liberals in the Democratic Party.

In the case of the neoconservatives within the Republican Party, they want more centralized government for increased security; too create a "police state" and strong military for their foreign adventures. Both are equally pernicious to individual liberty and to the heritage and reasons for the creation of the United States by the founding fathers.

The “rule of law” in the United States has become a comical illusion. With each disaster – by the way, President Bush has presided over three of the biggest disasters the United States has ever faced – the legal structures that gave America its civilization is being dismantled by an autocratic plutocracy that regard the old division of power between the federal government and the States as an obstacle to their utopian fantasies.

Americans increasingly are seeing their heritage dismantled by a criminal class that is constructing a global gulag in the United States and worldwide, especially in the Middle East and Central Asia.

The power elite are beyond morality and law, Americans in the midst of Hurricane Katrina and the Iraqi quagmire, have seen first hand how corrupt and merciless centralized government can be.

With the “war on terror,” the Bush administration was allowed to establish – with the help of Congress – a new federal department in Homeland Security to divert the budgets of other security departments placed under its jurisdiction including FEMA for their illegal war in Iraq. As CW Fisher writes: “Everybody in southern Louisiana knew the levee was about to break. FEMA was poised to rebuild it from scratch. But in 2004, Bush seized 80% of the levee’s budget and sent the money to Iraq.”

Louisiana and Mississippi was purposely put in a very bad position to fight off the aftermath of a Category 4 hurricane, most of the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guards and its assets were in Iraq not at home where they should have been.

The Gulf Coast disaster, like all disasters presents an opportunity for the power elite to enrich themselves even further for the “greater national good.” Like Iraq, Louisiana, and the entire Gulf Coast is prime real estate, with plenty of oil and gas resources lying under the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. The undesirable riff raff from New Orleans has now been relocated to all parts of the good old US of A. Halliburton and its subsidiaries can now create a new and better New Orleans and Gulf Coast for their cronies and “blue blood” friends.

Nothing like a natural or manmade disaster to line their pockets, and all those suffering simpletons, well, in the words of “blue blood” Madame Barbara Bush: “so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them.”

Novakeo is editor and writer for He is a freelance columnist residing in Oklahoma. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.