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September 2005   stubbs
Son Of A Globalist By Rodney Stubbs


Rodney Stubbs September 15, 2005

All the Globalist is looking for is an excuse to impose their definition of social justice, economics (communism) and environmentalism (pantheism) on the rest of America. If the changing climate will not accommodate their purposes then something else will need to suffice. Hurricanes, typhoons, draught, all fit the convenient definition of Climate Change. The freaks take many shapes. Some pose as Christians others as Statesmen. All want control and continue to overlook the genocide of middle class America. First the farmers endured the changes of economic policy regarding agriculture favoring the corporate farmers; then the loss of millions of jobs to foreign nations when NAFTA, CAFTA, and FTAA became reality; the Northern Spotted Owl and other beasts took control and devalued the land destroying the timber industry; and Fishermen were sold out by the political hacks as the government bought fishing boats that headed to Finland for scrap. Like all cancers, globalism appears in different forms and different names such as Smart Growth and Sustainable Development. [See video Liberty or Sustainable Development]

What is clearly needed is a change of elected leaders. Those who no longer represent America, but cater to the whims of the Globalist need to leave office. Greg Waldon and Gordon Smith are two RINOS from Oregon that should resign. McCain was brainwashed in Vietnam and no longer respects property rights or anything else American. Clinton is a Globalist without mentioning gender. So is Al Gore, Dean the Scream, and others who proudly proclaim their Progressive roots. Americans will need to rise up and squash these politicians and remove them from public office regardless of whether or not they belong to one party or another. The time to end the Coalition of Collaboration is now. Only a handful will standup and fight this battle and they need to be rewarded for that effort.

To underscore this need we only need to review a news article from Palm Beach.

The report appeared in the Palm Beach Post, by Dara Karn stating that the staff of Governor Jeb Bush criticized the Mississippi and Louisiana failure in emergency planning. The reporters identified Governor Jeb Bush as having the ideal plan based on the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. Governor Bush, the report continued, is the head of Florida Wildlife responsible for all search and rescue in that state. The agency developed a plan with millions of taxpayer dollars to address responses to Hurricanes. The staff pointed out that, "They're where we were in 1992, exactly," said Col. Julie Jones, director of law enforcement for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, in a reference to Florida's state of emergency preparedness before Hurricane Andrew devastated southern Miami-Dade County.

Like all the political tripe they sound progressively responsible for the uninformed. Our office, PlanTek recently volunteered to analyze reports prepared by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. What we discovered was a plan based on the principles and practices of the IUCN also known as the World Conservation Union. A plan when implemented that falls in line with the KELO v. NEW LONDON Supreme Court Ruling for the taking of private property for non-public benefits. Once implemented, the plan will make the Oil for Food program pale in comparison to the graft and corruption taking hold in America under the auspices of the United Nations and their friends in Congress. It is no longer your land; it is their land, and unless you stop the political hacks from committing their acts of sedition it will soon be your home.

The need for the New World Order in America was pronounced by President George H.W. Bush September 11, 1991 before a joint session of Congress. Now only fourteen years later we see this cancer spreading all across America with the aid of his son Jeb Bush. I guess that is what we call a Son-of-a-Globalist.

Rodney R. Stubbs received his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources at Oregon State University in 1964. Mr Stubbs is an expert in citizen involvement programs and the impact of smart growth and sustainable development principles and practices on American communities and families. Worked with farmers in Marion County to implement Exclusive Farm Use zones and Urban Growth Boundaries the precursor to Oregon’s Statewide Land Use Planning laws. Consulted with numerous county and city governments in Oregon during the early phases of Statewide Comprehensive Planning programs.

In the 1970s Mr. Stubbs founded the Oregon Property Rights Council. Served as an expert witness in federal civil rights case for owners of the Blueberry Café illegally closed by Marion County, OR. E-Mail: