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October 2005   stang
Republicrud Judges, All Rise For Dishonor By Alan Stang


By: Alan Stang

The present sound and fury about the appointment of federal judges signifies less than nothing. It is a side show, not worth the precious time, money and energy you may be tempted to expend, precisely because it is designed to waste those things and leave you in a state of bipartisan befuddlement.

The Republican Party tells us in effect: Yes, you may be unhappy with President Smirk. But you have nowhere else to go. You must support him because of the judges. That issue is important enough to overshadow all the others. You must support the Republicans because Smirk will appoint Republican judges, says the Party. Republican judges will stop the Democrat attempt to communize our country through the courts; will stop lucrative mass abortion and other crimes.

It is easy to test this theory. Who is responsible for the disastrous rulings extruded by the federal appellate courts for many years? Who appointed the judges who made those disastrous ruling? Why do our Communist media, left and right—from the Communist Broadcasting System to Shallow Sean—never answer these very easy questions?

Republican Presidents appointed seven of the nine members of the present Supreme Court. Since 1969, Republican Presidents have made eleven of thirteen appointments to the Supreme Court. Democrat Presidents have made two. Isn’t eleven still a lot bigger than two?

What about the Circuit Courts of Appeals? Since 1969, Republican Presidents have appointed 211 judges to the Circuit Courts. Democrats have appointed 122. On ten out of thirteen of those courts, Republican appointees enjoy a clear majority. And since 1969, Republican Presidents have appointed 813 trial judges to the District Courts while Democrats appointed 508.

Ronald Reagan appointed Arizona feminist politician Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony M. Kennedy to the Supreme Court. Both have voted to uphold abortion and to prohibit public schools from sponsoring prayers, even during graduation. Sandra’s deciding vote upheld college affirmative action—black racial preference—two years ago.

Didn’t Republicrud judges endorse sodomy in Lawrence v. Texas? Wasn’t Earl Warren, who supervised the communization of our schools, appointed by a Republican? What in h-e-c-k are Republicrud political action groups talking about, aside from a token constitutional judge like Antonin Scalia?

So the Republicrud argument that the federal courts are out of control because of Democrud appointees is totally fallacious. It’s a lie. The Republicruds are trying to deceive you. They are lying and the left communist media—which are supposed to dislike them so much—are colluding in the sham. The record shows that it makes no difference at all which party nominates the federal appeals judges. The rulings will go the same way.

For instance, much has been said about Democrud Judge James Whittemore, a Clinton appointee, who twice violated the will of Congress by refusing to review the Terri Schindler case. Did you know that every Republicrud appointee on the 11th Circuit backed him up? The only dissenter was Charles R. Wilson, a Clinton appointee.

All six judges nominated by Presidents Ronald Reagan, by Bush the First and by Bush the Second, voted to kill Terri Schindler. Republicrud judges killed Terri. Among them was Bill Pryor, the man Bush installed with a recess appointment to avoid a filibuster, one of the three nominees the Democruds have now agreed with Arizona alleged Republicrud John McCain to give an up or down vote.

Pryor is a sleazy, lying scumbag. He will be a sleazy, lying scumbag however many robes he wears when he takes the oath. He lied when we first heard of him and kept lying. He lied to the people of Alabama to become Attorney General. He made video gambling possible with his ruling on the Chucky Cheese law.

He allowed the schools to be used as campaign headquarters for the vote on the school tax increase. He ruled that a private black college was a state school so that such colleges would be eligible for state funding and would be eternally grateful to him.

He pledged his word to support the 10 Commandments monument in the rotunda of the Alabama Supreme Court, and then—typically Republicrud—he crawfished. He started out as defense counsel for Judge Roy Moore; then became the prosecutor in order to get his judgeship. He removed Judge Moore from office when Moore responded three times that were he reinstated he would continue to acknowledge God.

He voted five times to starve Terri to death. Apparently, he believes whatever he needs to believe to advance his sorry Republicrud jackass. The only thing a normal person can reasonably feel for Bill Pryor is intense disgust. But he has kissed so much heinie President Smirk has named this lying scumbag to the 11th Circuit.

The difference between the two parties is that, when the Democruds have the votes they govern. If you ask for their authority to do what they are doing, they reply, "We were elected." When the Republicruds have control, they grovel, they negotiate, they compromise.

So the fact that the Republicrud Party caved again, the fact that it always caves, that it is a slimy coward that slithers on its belly, that it struts and bluffs before it caves, which only calls attention to its cowardice, the fact that it has allowed John McCain, the McChurian Candidate from Hanoi, to take charge is irrelevant. It is a tempest in a cracked pot, designed to divert us. By the way, what really happened in Hanoi, John?

Remember that there are three solutions to this problem. First, the law, the Constitution, says that any day of the week Congress can restrict the jurisdiction of the federal courts from the Supreme Court on down. No amendment would be necessary, just a simple vote. If the Congress wants the federal courts not to rule on abortion, schools, religion, or whatever, it would simply vote to that effect. The federal courts henceforth would be forbidden to consider such subject matter.

The other solution is equally simple. Impeachment of offending judges of course would be as difficult as impeaching a President. But impeachment would be unnecessary. The Constitution also gives Congress the power to abolish all the federal courts, all of them, except the Supreme Court itself. Congress could do so any morning, kick the present judges out into the street, and start again.

The Republicruds have more than enough votes to do that and the law says they have the power. Why don’t they do it and simply explain, "We were elected." They don’t because, again, the ones who are not world government conspirators themselves are effeminate cowards. They love nothing better than to crawl on their bellies, simpering about "compromise."

In the same general category, wasn’t Bill Drop Your Pants Clinton’s first official act as President the firing of all the U.S. Attorneys in the federal court system, so they could not indict him? He replaced them all with his own people. It was an unprecedented act, but Clinton had the power and got away with it.

The third solution is of course jury nullification, which we have discussed elsewhere on this site. Jury nullification is something you don’t need the effeminate cowards in the Congress to do. You do it yourself. Find a piece on this site entitled "Stang’s Rules of Warfare" for details.

This is perhaps also the right place to explain why I spend minimal time here on politics. Aren’t politics important? Isn’t political power the only real solution? Yes, it is, but it is the very last step. The politics are the ultimate expression of what you have done in the districts, on the campuses, in the schools, in the churches and the local businesses.

The conspirators have done that work; that is why they are winning. They deserve to win. We cannot win until we do it, but, remember, that requires general recognition of where the war is. When we do the required work at home, the politics will change automatically in Washington. In short, you will stand in tall cotton only when you cultivate the roots.

Don’t allow the media, the government and the schools to waste your precious time, energy and money with phony issues.

Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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