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he wave of technology that has carried recent generations from communication through telephone and letters to communication through electronic mail, fax machines, cellular phones and radio has swept The Welch Report into its tide.

We are pleased to report that, due to overwhelming support from many people, the Welch Report’s goal of producing and broadcasting a radio program has been fulfilled.

The one and a half hour show features regular segments which review current news articles, second amendment issues, nutritional health and freedom and other information pertinent to the education of our nation’s citizens on social, moral and political issues. Experts in many areas frequent the show as guests.

Response to the program has been enthusiastic so far. The station’s phone lines ring continuously during the show as listeners call with comments and questions. Our associate producer, Bob Pegram, screens the calls.

A highlight of “The Welch Report” each week is an interview with an informative guest, such as Chuck Carlson, president of “We Hold These Truths.”

Other guests have included Mr. Glenn Spencer, president of the immigration group “Voices of Citizens Together;” Dr. Stanley Montieth, noted author and radio-show host; Larry Pratt of Gunowners of America; Sheriff McDougall of Lee County;Cliff Kincaid, Christopher Ruddy, Berit Kjos, General Benton Partin, Harry Wu, Dr. Michael Coffman, Col. David Hackworth, Col. Bigler, John Chalfant, James L. Hirsen Phd. and Mr. G. Edward Griffin, one of the premier Americanists of our day and friends of the late Robert Welch.

Due to an increasing demand for the show, The Welch Report has begun to look into other means of broadcasting - namely new media. This will allow us to be heard over the internet. We are in the process of researching the best technology to allow us to do this.

Our growth has been so rapid that we are stretching our financial reserves to the limit. Through advertising and tax deductible donations, we plan to raise enough to meet the additional costs of expansion.

We are excited to take advantage of communication technology in order to broadcast the Welch message to a potential audience of millions, most of whom might never take the time to read books or magazines.

We encourage you to support this worthy effort, which so effectively complements the vital work of other national organizations, through tax-deductible donations.